The CTS range of systems are custom built to suit client needs. Our team can design, integrate and prepare any configuration that is desired. Our years of experience mean that we also have access to the best security systems and producers globally so that we can better serve our clients with full consultations and recommendations.


Cellular Monitoring

Both fully passive wide band and hybrid active systems for the capture and tracking of cellular communications. For any frequency across 850/900/1800/1900Mhz and from 64 channels up to vehicle installed 1440 channel systems. 2G GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA Protocols are all covered by the range of CTS systems*

IMSI Catchers

A full range of 2G/3G/4G protocol IMSI Catchers in any frequency range. Available from hand held and backpack models to vehicle, helicopter and drone mounted units. All produced with the latest software designed radio boards and the most accurate Hand Held RFDF location units*.

*Subject to Export Licensing


OSINT, Cyber Security & Hacking Tools

We can offer a fully modular selection of OSINT (Mosaic) and Cyber Security systems to monitor and manipulate Social Media as well as Trojans and Hacks to invisibly attack targeted iOS, Android and Blackberry handsets plus all Windows format and Mac OS computers. All social media apps such as What’s App, Viber, Line and Telegram can be intercepted and read along with all internet browsers, emails and cellular voice and messaging transmissions *

Networked Mobile Location

MLS is invisible to targeted handsets and although it requires SS7 or Sigtran link to a cellular network, leaves no sign of activity with the network. MLS will allow tracking of all cellular handsets in the home country and roamers, plus roaming home handsets travelling anywhere in the world. Special algorithms allow highly accurate tracking down to single meters in city areas *.

*Subject to Export Licensing


Thuraya Intercept

Tactical and Strategic Thuraya intercept systems are available. Intercept range of up to 1250Km with optional remote L band systems creating even greater operational distance. Full voice decode is available (subject to license approval) plus accurate GPS location of targets and capture of all logging and messaging connections *.

Satellite Intercept

Intercept systems for Iridium, Inmarsat Mini M, M, BGAN and the latest ISat Phone Pro as well as various V-Sat systems are available in both Tactical and Strategic formats *.

*Subject to Export Licensing


Protective Systems

Armoured vehicles from Landcruisers to top of the range VIP vehicles can be supplied in all levels of protection including B6 and B7. Ballistic vests up to Level IV with Ceramic or Lightweight PE plates can be supplied for Police, Military and VIP’s with custom design and colours

Bomb Jammers

CTS communication and bomb jammers are in use around the world. We are able to supply simple hand held and portable cellular jammers all the way up to wideband vehicle mounted high power IED jammers for military convoys and VIP protection.


Audio Video Surveillance

We are able to supply a vast range of Audio and Video Surveillance systems. Most are custom built using frequencies suitable to the end user country. All latest technologies such as COFDM Video transmission and encrypted burst audio transmitters can be supplied.

Thermal and Night Vision Products and UAV's

We have had long experience working with some of the best Thermal and Night Vision designers in the world. A selection of units are available. They can be mounted on our co designed custom UAV's. From the CTS Ovation (Our lightweight long range VTOL up to larger units able to carry our IMSI catchers


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